Dear GPU


DearGPU is a web site dedicated to get answers on typical GPU mysteries.

Which code is faster?
How does it perform on the other vendors GPUs?
Is the feature supported? How is my code affect by the driver version?

You can read about my findings or use the source code of DearGPU to make your own experiments. The simple framework allows for quick DirectX 11 experiments. It also can serve as an example for the code experiemnts. The first example is called "Dither Experiment".

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DearGPU framework V1.0 and "Dither Experiment"

Date: 8/18/2018

"Dither Experiment": Tech Note: Shader Snippets for Efficient 2D Dithering (Oculus Developer Blog)

  Download (3.3 MB)

Win32, C/C++, Visual Studio 2015, DirectX 11, Source with executable

Download the .zip and unpack it locally. Start the .exe and use the cursor keys to navigate the options. DitherExperiment.hlsl has the intersting shader code. F5 recompiles the shaders. Use the Visual Studio Solution to compile the code for yourself.

Copyright: see Copyright.exe in archive, most code is under WTFPL